Investment Management.

A good investment is the result of hard work and steadfast principles. We at 12.18. Investment Management offer our customers both – whether you are an investor, a seller or a buyer of a property.
Investment Management.

Hospitality Management.

Our 12.18. Hospitality Management Team based in Düsseldorf unites top executives of the top hotel industry. Our longtime expertise, especially in the fields of operation, service, training, quality management, sales & marketing, branding and positioning as well as in various specialist fields of the hotel industry.
Hospitality Management.

Private Investments.

Investors who opt for a sale and lease-back concept combine the advantages of an attractive investment with the benefits of an own holiday property that they don’t have to invest any time or effort in.
Private Investments.

Hotel Collection.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far. And it fills us with curiosity about the exciting challenges the future holds for us. Welcome to our hotel collection.
Hotel Collection.

Who we are and what we do.


Whether investment, development or asset management at 12.18. Investment Management means you benefit from all business areas from a single source. We invest in top-class hotel and tourism properties. We attach great importance to trusting and cooperative cooperation. We develop sustainable hotel and tourism properties with great attention to detail and give every concept a certain something, always taking into account the highest structural, aesthetic and functional standards in every project phase. We operate asset management with a high degree of reliability and responsibility, because as operators of our own properties we know what really matters.

Hospitality Management.

Our 12.18. Hospitality Management team based in Düsseldorf unites top executives from the grand hotel industry who have worked in numerous renowned hotels. Our know-how, especially in the areas of operation, F&B, service, training, quality management, sales & marketing are the foundation of our work, which we are constantly expanding. In addition to the properties of the 12.18. group, the Hospitality Management Division also makes its services available to external hotel owners and operators on request.


The 12.18. wealth management team is a trustworthy partner for private investors who wish to invest in one of our high-quality holiday properties and accompanies them through the entire purchase process. Thanks to our professional management, the owner can simultaneously look forward to current income and his holiday. We take care of administration, marketing, maintenance and servicing.



Great success for the 12.18. Group: Due to their intelligent pricing policy the company reached the top of Germany’s 50 largest hotel companies in terms of price policy. With an average rate of 182€ per night, 12.18. rank above the Althoff Hotels (second place with 167€ per night) and the Munich Hotel Partners GmbH (third place with 148€ per night).

This data originates from the annual ‘AHGZ Top 50 Ranking’, published by the renowned ‘Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomiezeitung’, which analyses and compares the 50 largest hotel companies in Germany once a year. In addition to the price leadership, the 12.18. Group in only one year moved up 16 spots to rank 28 and leave behind hotel companies like 25hours, Dormera and Achat.

And what shall we do today?

A good investment is the result of hard work and steadfast principles. We at 12.18. Investment Management offer our customers both – whether you are an investor, a seller or a buyer of a property. 12.18. Investment Management handles investment, development and private investments from a single source. There is no other company with as much investment expertise in one place. As an owner-managed company with more than 10 years of experience, we lead every project to success.

What's more, our customers can also rely on the more than 30 years of expertise and sound industryknowledge of our two managing partners, Jörg Lindner and Kai Richter. We specialise in high-yield properties with great development potential in the best locations in Germany and Europe. Our services range from acquisition and conception via financing and revitalisation through to operations and sales. We firmly believe that only something special and unique can be successful in the long term.

Which is why we create lasting values – with all our experience, all our knowledge and all our strength. We believe in what we do. And we do what we believe in. We combine economics and ecology, efficiency and growth, solid principles and freedom for personal development to create a coherent overall concept that meets the demands of our customers as well as our own.


Our three divisions.

Investment with a difference.

12.18. Investment Management develops and plans high-quality hotel and tourism properties for institutional and private investors alike. We attach the utmost importance to trusting cooperation based on partnership and profitable conditions for all parties involved. Be it joint ventures as part of project developments and refurbishments or direct or indirect investment opportunities for end investors: At 12.18. Investment Management investment is never off-the-peg, we offer concepts that are adapted to the specific circumstances of the location of the property and the specific needs of its future users.

Development with a difference.

12.18. Investment Management develops economically and ecologically sustainable hotel and tourism properties in the best locations in Germany and Europe. Everything we take on impresses with its attention to detail and that little some-thing extra, and we always meet the highest structural, aesthetic and functional standards in every phase of the project. In the development business sector, 12.18. Investment Management closely cooperates with Mediinvest Development GmbH. Together with this company, which specialises in the development and marketing of premium hotel and tourism proper-ties, we form a strong team that makes our vision of providing an outstanding leisure experience for discerning customers a reality.

Management with a difference.

12.18. Investment Management plans, finances and develops hotel and tourism properties with the highest degree of responsibility. Without a doubt, one of the reasons is that we manage many properties ourselves – nobody knows better than we do what an investor or developer needs to pay attention to for the operator to experience long-term success. Our asset management services cover everything from the development of investment strategies through to risk assessment, portfolio management and operational management all the way to transaction management.

Value Chain.

Our company’s professional service portfolio covers the entire property value chain, from site survey, profitability calculation, project planning and implementation, financing, concept development, operation and sale to management.
Different. On principle.

The history of our Company.

Our company was founded in 2006 by Jörg Lindner and Kai Richter as Lindner Investment Management, LIM for short. The two industry insiders and top experts with more than 30 years of experience had a clear vision from the outset: to become one of the best and most profitable companies in the field of hotel and

holiday properties investment. In 2010, following thorough preparations, our company invested in the Biggesee Resort in the Sauerland region. This was followed by further investments in Ibiza and Tenerife as well as in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Since its foundation, our company has undergone sustainable and

continuous growth. A business with 5 employees gradually became a thriving company which today employs 34 staff members and continues its course of growth. In August 2016 LIM was renamed 12.18. Investment Management and relocated to Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf's city centre. We are now on the right track for further growth.

12.18. Investment Management has

The hotel and leisure properties of 12.18. investment management currently have around

our company is currently managing hotel and leisure properties with a total of

if you add up the square metres of all our investments, the total size is
7.173.360 m²

485 Mio€

597,658 *

The digit after the decimal point is due to a disagreement a couple from Potsdam had regarding the sunset in Ibiza on 08/08/2020. According to her, the sunset that day was rather average. He, on the other hand, thought it was simply stunning.
Different. On principle.

On principle.

Our company is closely connected with two personalities: Jörg Lindner and Kai Richter, the two managing partners of our family-run business.

12.18. Investment Management see themselves as the sum of outstanding individuals bound together by a commonpath and a common goal.

With utilising our knowledge, our experience, our curiosity, our ambition and all our other great attributes to deliver outstanding results for our partners, for our customers and of course for ourselves.

We are who we are.
THE TEAM OF 12.18. Investment MANAGEMENT.

THE TEAM OF 12.18. Hospitality Management.



Different. On principle.


Press contact.

Ms. Melanie Weiler
Senior Director of Marketing

12.18. Investment Management GmbH
Königsallee 2b
D-40212 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49-211-5 8080 7-31
Mobil: +49-160 666 7692
Fax: +49-211-5 8080 711



12.18. Group is price-leader 2020 in annual AHGZ Top 50 Ranking.

A great success for the 12.18. group: Due to its intelligent pricing policy the company reached the top of Germany’s 50 largest hotel companies in terms of price policy. With an average rate of 182€ per night, 12.
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COVID-19: Statement of the 12.18. Management Board.

Dear members of the 12.18. family dear guests at our destinations, outlets and dear partners, the worldwide spread of COVID-19 affects every single one of us. Whether it's a stay at one of our resorts or hotels ...
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7Pines Kempinski: 12.18. Group and Kempinski Hotels AG Jointly Develop Luxury Lifestyle Concept as Part of Strategic Partnership.

Munich, October 8, 2019 - Duesseldorf-based 12.18. Group and Kempinski Hotels AG today announced the launch of their luxury lifestyle concept 7Pines Kempinski. The two partners have joined forces to create one of the ...
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Medical spa is more than just a spa. Such a holiday offers deceleration, distance from everyday life and individual additional benefits which more and more guests are looking for. You can download the representative study based on 1050 interviewees here.

Study "Medical SPA" (Eng)

Our representative study is of great interest not only to buyers of holiday properties. On 59 pages and on a secure basis of 1020 interviewees, we tell you what's important when it comes to choosing a holiday property. You can download the study here.

Study "Holiday Properties" abstract (GER)


You can download our current company and project logos here.


You can find our latest press releases here. If you need more information about 12.18. Investment Management, please get in touch with the PR department, Mrs. Larissa Maier-Lauth.

Any questions? Answers.

12.18. Investment Management loves dialogue. Whatever your question is – we answer promptly and professionally. Members of the media, please use our press contact in our news section.
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