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A successful investment always builds on a resourceful mixture of courage, vision, experience and expertise.

We are the 12.18. Group

Unternehmenssitz D√ľsseldorf
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We create investment opportunities in the luxury tourism segment. And we make sure they succeed.

The 12.18. Group offers private and institutional investors opportunities to invest profitably in real estate in the hotel and hospitality sector. To this end, we act as an investment company, and as project developers, hotel operators and asset managers. Thanks to our exceptionally wide portfolio of services, we‚Äôre able to respond swiftly and flexibly to any challenges that arise ‚Äď and thus safeguard your investment to the greatest extent possible.

Founders and


The 12.18. Group was founded in 2006 by Jörg Lindner and Kai Richter. Following Kai Richter’s sudden and unexpected death in 2020, Jörg Lindner took over the company as managing partner, supported by CEO Uwe Drangmeister.

Jörg Lindner has gained more than 40 years of experience in project development, financing and the management of residential properties, offices, retail properties and hotels. Chief Financial Officer Uwe Drangmeister is a finance expert with more than 25 years of experience under his belt. They’re a tandem team that embodies the strengths of the 12.18. Group in a competent and unique manner.
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Our range of services

We leave nothing to chance.

We leave it to the experts.

What we do can be easily summed up: We create added value for investors. What we are capable of is more difficult to express. Because we unite all aspects of a successful tourism investment under one roof. From purchase and concept to financing and revitalisation to operation and sales.

In order to meet the high standards we set for ourselves and the expectations of hotel guests and investors alike, the 12.18. Group is made up of different departments that cover each one of these aspects with their specific expertise. Together, we are single-handedly able to cover a range of services, for which our competitors have to commission, monitor and coordinate external companies.















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the Management

Powerful personalities. Lionhearts.

The 12.18. Group sees itself as the sum of outstanding individual personalities united by a common goal: to use all the knowledge, experience, curiosity, ambition and all the other virtues that distinguish us so we can achieve outstanding results for our partners, customers ‚Äď and for ourselves ‚Äď time and time again. We are the 12.18. Group. We‚Äôre Different. On principle.
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Jörg Lindner

Founder & Managing Partner
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Uwe Drangmeister

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
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