Dear members of the 12.18. family
dear guests at our destinations, outlets and dear partners,

the worldwide spread of COVID-19 affects every single one of us.

Whether it's a stay at one of our resorts or hotels, a visit to our restaurants or the use of our services – whatever we do, we do it with passion and with the certainty of bringing people together from all over the world to create special moments. In this challenging time, it is our top priority to ensure the safety and health of all our guests, partners and friends worldwide.

Following the instructions and guidelines of local governments and health authorities we are closing almost all 12.18. outlets. This is a profound and painful step for us, but we recognize that it is not only of utmost importance, but our responsibility: towards our guests, our employees and towards society.

Keep one thing in mind: your anticipation.

We are aware that the current situation has a massive impact on you - in terms of your holiday plans and in terms of your everyday life. However, we ask you to do one thing: Be full of anticipation and positivity. By thinking about the sunset by the sea. The jump into the refreshing water. Or about the feeling of jumping into a cozy hotel bed. Because especially in difficult times we need to be optimistic and believe that better times are yet to come.

By updating our cancellation policy worldwide, we guarantee you as much flexibility and planning comfort as possible for the rescheduling of your stay or for future bookings.

For up-to-date information, further details and booking conditions, please refer to the following websites:

7Pines Kempinski Ibiza


SCHLOSS Fleesensee


SCHLOSS Roxburghe


Hotel Stadt Hamburg


Alter Gasthof Sylt


Maremüritz marina resort & Spa


Biggesee Resort


San Carlos NYC


In addition, we would like to confirm that we have tightened up hygiene standards for our reopening. All our outlets have been informed about hygiene measures in detail, including increased cleaning and sanitizing frequency, in order to protect our guests to the highest extent.

Believe in one thing: The "We" will always win.

We would like to assure you our interest in maintaining our successful partnership in the best possible way. Should our operational business relationship be affected by the current situation, our teams will contact you promptly in order to develop individual solutions.

Trust in one thing: The team spirit.

Last but not least we would like to acknowledge the efforts and work of every 12.18. employee. Most of our destinations are currently closed or will soon be temporarily closed. The impact of COVID-19 is clearly felt by every colleague. More reason than ever to thank our teams on site for their determination and their spirit, which is characterized by solidarity, coherence and the wish to be back at the service of our guests again as soon as possible. Our colleagues in Düsseldorf and Berlin also deserve our appreciation. We thank you for your flexibility to pursue your day's work from home in the best possible way, for continuously driving the necessary projects with commitment and meticulousness and to be available as a reliable contact for all partners and customers.

12.18. will do everything in its power to keep possible damage away from our employees and to lead the company towards a good common future.

Be aware of one thing: We thank you sincerely.

This challenging situation cannot be ignored. The entire 12.18. family owes a debt of gratitude to all doctors, nurses, researchers, health professionals and public servants. Whether in Duesseldorf or Berlin, or at our 12.18. locations - or worldwide.

At this point in time, we cannot estimate by when we will have left the greatest risk behind us. But still, the last few days have shown one thing quite clearly: We can all make our personal contribution. To protect ourselves, our guests, our partners, colleagues and friends of the 12.18. family.

Yours faithfully

Jörg Lindner

Kai Richter

Managing Partners
12.18. Group

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