THE 12.18. Group ARE price-leader 2020 in annual ‘AHGZ Top 50 Ranking’.

  • Annual ranking of Germany’s 50 largest hotel companies
  • First time price leadership for the 12.18. Group
  • 12.18. Group jump 16 spots to rank 28  among Germany’s largest hotel companies
Great success for the 12.18. Group: Due to their intelligent pricing policy the company reached the top of Germany’s 50 largest hotel companies in terms of price policy. With an average rate of 182€ per night, 12.18. rank above the Althoff Hotels (second place with 167€ per night) and the Munich Hotel Partners GmbH (third place with 148€ per night).

This data originates from the annual ‘AHGZ Top 50 Ranking’, published by the renowned ‘Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomiezeitung’, which analyses and compares the 50 largest hotel companies in Germany once a year. In addition to the price leadership, the 12.18. Group in only one year moved up 16 spots to rank 28 and leave behind hotel companies like 25hours, Dormera and Achat.
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